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How to Spring Clean Your Hospital’s Website

Got a lot of cobwebs on your hospital’s homepage? Do you want to donate some of your service line pages to Goodwill? Feel the need to take some allergy medicine when you blow the dust off your pulmonary pages?

Good news: Spring is here.

And since it’s the season for fresh starts, why not begin with a little clean-up on your hospital’s website?

Find a dust pan. Let’s get started:

De-clutter fast

Take a cue from Marie Kondo and get rid of what’s not bringing your patients joy on your site. How do you know what’s not resonating? Take a look at your Google Analytics. Dive into each page and see how much time people are spending on it. Delete what’s not doing you any favors and spend more time on something that is.

Pay attention to your basics

Here’s what patients want to know: where you’re located, service line phone numbers and parking info. Has anything of that changed? If so, fix it!

Boost your SEO

If you’re using Google AdWords, figure out what’s getting you the most bang for your buck. Read more about how to make the most of your SEO.

Pay attention to mobile

Now that you’ve got some content updated, how does it look on your phone? More than 60 percent of patients search for health info online. You can de-clutter and re-write content all you want, but if it’s not mobile-friendly, you’ll turn patients away.

Set-up a cleaning rotation

Here’s an idea: Schedule your website cleaning rotation based on upcoming health months. For example, in December — take a look at your cardiovascular pages for Heart Month in February. Make sure ever

ything is fresh and shiny before you promote a service line that corresponds to a special month.

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