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Why We Love NYU Langone Medical Center’s Commercials

After a while, hospital commercials start to blur together. They’ve all got “cutting-edge” technology. Board certified, compassionate doctors. There are all kinds of shots of shiny new stethoscopes and shiny office equipment. Sometimes, there are some patients walking around.

Blah, blah, blah.

Healthcare marketers have the best stories to tell. We’re all about life, death and everything in-between. But in most 30-second spots, the story doesn’t come through. In fact, most of the time — it’s not a story. It’s an advertisement to come into your hospital. And really, who would want to do that? (Answer: nobody.)

Kudos to NYU Langone Medical Center for doing something different. Done in black-and-white, with catchy tunes and eye-popping facts, we’re digging their new advertising campaign.

Why? These aren’t based on fear. These aren’t filled with jargon. These make you stop what you’re doing to watch. Enjoy.

PS: Want to see another great commercial? See commercial about mental health, with NBA star Steph Curry.

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