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Is Your Healthcare Organization Using Modular Content?

With growing workloads and tight budgets, members of healthcare organization marketing teams are always looking to maximize the mileage they get out of their content. To achieve this goal, many healthcare organizations are creating “modular” content that can be rearranged and reused across print, web, and social media platforms.

What is modular content?

Think for a moment about all the time and money it takes to create unique content for a single purpose, such as your organization’s website, blog, or annual report. Now, instead of going back to the drawing board for each project that comes along, imagine using content that you already have by just repurposing it to use in a different way.

In short, modular content is an intentional strategy that allows healthcare organizations to develop content that can be broken up or combined in new, different ways. For example, a chart that appears on your annual report can be updated and used in a brochure or on the web. A blog series could become fodder for your latest newsletter. Or, a full-length patient story for your website can be shortened to become a sidebar in a print publication.

Still not sold on the benefits of modular content? Here are a few reasons why your healthcare organization should give it a try:

1- It saves time.

Instead of planning every new content project from scratch, modular content allows healthcare organizations to leverage their existing content assets when creating new content. That means that you can plan and execute your marketing projects more quickly using less staff because some of the will already exist.

2- It’s cost-effective.

If your organization has hired a contractor to create new content, you may be able to cut down on the scope of the project by using existing modular content. And, a narrower means more savings.

3- It’s versatile.

You can use modular content in many different ways. From articles, blogs, and press releases to images, infographics, and social media digital assets, you can repurpose your content to fit new and changing organizational needs and appeal to a variety of audiences. A quick editing job or update is usually all it takes to give an existing piece of content a fresh look for a new project.

4- It’s consistent.

Using modular content allows you . That’s because content has already with your healthcare organization’s tone, voice, and style in mind. And, modular allows you to reuse particularly or well-written content in new ways to appeal to different audiences.

5- It’s easier to think big.

Smaller pieces of modular content can be compiled into pieces of content with ease, making large projects seem less daunting. For example, you could take a few short blog posts on a topic and compile them into a targeted, personalized e-newsletter. tips that your healthcare organization shares on social media could into a blog post or patient information handout.

At Pulse Content, we understand how modular content can help you simplify your marketing plan while saving you time and money. Our content writers can create longer content pieces that can be easily broken up small segments for future use or compile existing small content assets and supplement with new or updated information, as needed.

For more information about how Pulse Content can help you establish or implement your organization’s modular content strategy, contact us today at 203-858-4923 or email us at

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