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Steph Curry Stars in a Riveting Commercial About Mental Health

Are you ready for the NBA Playoffs?

Stephen Curry, of the Golden State Warriors, sure is. Take a look this newest commercial he starred in, which was produced by Kaiser Permanente. KP is an official healthcare partner with the NBA.

In the commercial, he reflects on all the mean-spirited comments sportscasters have lobbed his way. It’s stressful to hear it all. But then, Curry goes into a sensory deprivation pod to meditate. All the negative energy disappears as he concentrates on three simple words: calm, strong and focused. He ends the commercial by saying, “if you train the mind, the body will follow.”

“This commercial has a dramatic and creative feel,” Sara Vinson, a communications specialist at KP says. “It’s not only designed to address mental wellness in a frank manner, but also to spark a conversation with the public about its importance.”

According to Vinson, KP believes that mental health is imperative to a person’s total health. The organization is working not only to de-stigmatize depression, but is also working to promote proactive tools everyone can use to foster mental health and wellness. In Curry’s case, this tool is more than just a sensory deprivation pod — it is meditation, self-motivation, focus, deep breathing and mindfulness.

The commercial was paired up with interviews featuring Curry and fellow NBA star, Chris Paul. The two discussed how they train their mind and work on mental wellness. Viewers were asked to join in the conversation by using #TrainTheMind to share their own stories about how they’ve dealt with pressure and expectations.

“It’s all about mental toughness to get the job done, no matter what it takes,” Curry says. “Finding that mental edge is how you get it done. We can’t rely on sheer size and strength. You have to push yourself and find what it is that motivates you and hold on to it every single day.”

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